ThinkTV Australia

The Benchmark Series

The brief

Study how Australians engage with advertising across different platforms and devices. A 3-part project called The Benchmark Series.

The work

The series contains a number of findings that are designed to help advertisers and their agencies get the best out of video advertising.

Part 1 – Media Attributes that Matter: examined the common elements within media platforms that contribute to advertising being successful. Findings on pixels, screen coverage, time spent viewing and how this links to attention and sales.

Part 2 – Media Attributes that Matter (on mobile): re-examined the above across different devices to understand whether different platforms are really optimised for mobile.

Part 3 – Not All Reach is Equal: compared the length of time after exposure that an ad can impact consumer product choice (sales) on the three major video platforms – Facebook, YouTube, and TV – across different screens.

LINK TO for The Results video