Effective attention is more, um, effective

It’s fair to say we have built a bit of experience in the few short years we’ve been considering attention as a measure of advertising cut-through. To date, we have run more than 4 million data points through our gaze models (6 models and counting), but there is still much more to learn about consumer […]

Good Measurement

Look for measures underpinned by good, not PR Our persistence to understand measurement is real and it takes time. We’re not like some others, where rapid commercialisation of advertising impact measures is more important than the stability of the construct on which they are based. Take attention measurement, for example. If you have read our […]

I now pronounce you Man + Machine

The day you stop learning is the day life is over. The pendulum has been swinging between the world of high performing academia as the perfect specimen of intelligence, to a world where artificial intelligence is destined to reign supreme. A world where no amount of parchments could ever compete with Deep Blue or HAL. […]