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Amplified Intelligence was established by Professor Karen Nelson-Field to push the boundaries of marketing effectiveness research and audience measurement. Our job is to challenge norms, drive scale and rigour, and deliver impact by combining the best of machine learning with some highly trained human minds. We add certainty and clear direction to big media spends all over the world. With like-minded thinkers, we are leading the conversation about the attention economy.

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In a world of fake news, fast facts and seriously depleted attention stamina, The Attention Economy and How Media Works offers a considered voice on the advertising chaos that colours our rapidly changing media environment. Rather than simply herald disruption, Karen Nelson-Field starts an intelligent conversation on what it will take for businesses to win in an attention economy, the advertising myths we need to leave behind and the scientific evidence we can use to navigate a complex advertising and media ecosystem. This book makes sense of viewability standards, coverage and clutter; it talks about the real quality behind a qCPM and takes a deep dive into the relationship between attention and sales. Nelson-Field asks you to pay attention to a disrupted advertising future without panic, but rather with a keen eye on the things that brand owners can learn to control.

Released by Palgrave Macmillan February 2020