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Founded in Adelaide by Professor Karen Nelson-Field but with global reach, Amplified Intelligence is a collective of passionate marketing PhDs and computer science engineers, working together to deliver media and marketing insights at the very edge of innovation. Using the best of machine learning together with the power of human minds, Amplified Intelligence adds certainty and clear direction to big media spends all over the world. We are leaders in the conversation about the attention economy.

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Testing creative with a bespoke copy diagnostic system

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How Media Works: Simple truths for advertisers
(Palgrave MacMillan)

How Media Works is the latest book by Professor Karen Nelson-Field. It is a straight-shooting book on the big picture media issues facing advertisers. It offers some simple truths to advertisers about what they are really getting for their money and includes somewhat controversial commentary on the need for radical change in impression measurement. Looking at the burgeoning attention economy and what the future holds for marketers, How Media Works offers advice for the right now (empirically backed) on what type of reach to buy, given our limited attention processing capacity. Global contributing authors share their insights alongside Nelson-Field, future-gazing on where the ever-changing ad industry is headed.

Forthcoming in 2019...